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Shannox hunted down
Ryolith steered to his death
Beth Squashed
Nefarian Beheaded.... Again!!

Great Job guys , people with exalted rank go buy your selfs a new mount for the nice price of 3000g.

Bring on the next adventure!
Al'akir blown away

Well done everyone! Only Neffy left.
Chogall Beheaded

Any given Tuesday. A group of 10 brave TBO'ers venture into Bastion of Twilight with a mission - To decapitate the foul twoheaded monster named Cho'gall.

After one hour of adjusting tactics, everything came together and the evil beast sank to his knees. Blood gore and loot sprayed left and right as the joyfull adventures jumped the fallen giant.

Thank you for an awesome raid everyone.
R.I.P Chimaeron
TBO have defeted Maloriak
First kill Valiona and Theralion
TBO defeats Omitron Defence System

Great job ppl, on killing this bugger, and thanks for the video Bubb :)
Cataclysm Intro Video



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Started: 28/10/2018 12:48

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29-09-2018 20:03
Merry Christmas, Tuffy!

28-12-2016 03:39
Merry christmas all Grin

11-09-2016 07:36
Hello Is it me youre looking for? I can see it in your eyes. I can see it in your smile.

08-08-2016 05:40
sup peeps

12-07-2016 20:49
4 folk on at once! new record!!

09-02-2016 23:59
Dave was ere'

06-01-2016 17:01
Happy New Year! x

25-12-2015 10:19
Happy Christmas x

29-09-2015 09:40
Great! 199 days to go!

23-09-2015 05:56
Hey Suzi, how are you?

02-09-2015 13:29
Anybody out there?

28-06-2015 20:10
sup guys

14-06-2015 18:42
Hey peeps.

25-05-2015 11:20
! xx

02-05-2015 12:11
Hello! I know I completely faded for the last year(s). One month ago I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl, my little Artémis. No much timle for wow now but you are all in my thoughts! Kisses! Smile

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