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ZA: Zul'jin tactics (Healing Priest point of view)
As I've defeated the boss yesterday I though that it would be nice to make a guide about this boss with a priest healing point of view. Enjoy reading it.

Zul'Jin (Healing priest point of view)
This is actually a quiet easy fight, but you really need to know what to do. The mutliple phases during this encounter makes this boss looks harder then it actually is. One thing which is important is the aggro reset after each phase.

Phase 1: Troll phase (100% - 80%)
This phase is the easiers one of them all. He hits the tank for not that much hitpoints and occasianly he does something like a whirlwind. Melee have to move out otherwise they are dead. The boss also throws an axe to a person every 10-15 seconds and leaves a damage dot debuff behind. If that players get healed up to full health the debuff will dissapear. In my opinion the damage the debuff will do is not that much. If all healers throw one heal on that player, the debuff will be gone.

Phase 2: Bear phase (80% - 60%)
This phase is also very easy, however the one that can dispell have to really watch the raid and the abilities of the boss. Every 20 seconds he will cast a paralyse debuff. From that moment you get 5 seconds to dispell that paralyse debuff. If the debuff is not dispelled fast enough you will get arround 4k damage, but also get stunned for some time. If the tank get stunned the chance that he get crushed is great as he can't parry nor dodge. Have one person to dispell the tank immediately and let a priest mass dispell right away if possible.

Phase 3: Eagle phase (60% - 40%)
This is the hardest part of the fight as it is quite random. There will spawn three wirlwinds who are comming to players. Dodge them as much as possible and spread out. They do AoE lighting damage and if the wirlwind will hit you, you will be knocked back and get arorund 1k damage. The main important thing is to keep the healers up. If one of the healers die then you will whipe if you use three healers. For priest it is really usefull to keep renew up all the time and cast prayer of mending as soon as possible. Also if you have the chance to use big heals, please use them. If you only use small you will end up oom after this phase. Use mana pots whenever you need them.

Phase 4: lynx phase (40% - 20%)
If all your healers survived the third phase and still got enough mana you should easily survive the rest of the fight. The lynx fight ain't that hard. He once in a while will wirlwind like leothras, but that does not do that much damage. He also rush a player onces in a while. For the healers they need to use fast small heals on that player who is getting rushed. For priest this means flash heal and prayer of mending. Just bring him down to 20% for the last phase. This is also the best phase to use your shadow fiend for mana regen. Keep using mana pots aswell if possible.

Phase 5: Troll phase (20% - 0%)
Flamebreath all targets in front of the boss for not that much damage. Most likely you can heal through it. However he also spawns fire pillars on top of a player. Walk out as fast as possible, because it deals arround 3k damage each second. If you watch these pillars well enough you will kill the boss easily.

General tips for priests
Stamina is really good during this fight. So I suggest you eat [item]Blackened Sporefish[/item] as food buff. Having arround 8.5k health buffed is really a pre during this fight. Also use a [item]Flask of Mighty Restoration[/item] or [item]Elixir of Major Mageblood[/item] for more mana regen.
Also when you switch phase you can use fade to make sure you don't get aggro from healing too fast. Other then that please stay alive during the whole fight.
Edited by Ralpbix on 21-11-2007 10:30
great work mate, this one was a bit better than the ones I've read so far Wink thanks a lot !
Not the archers. My scouts tell me their archers are miles away and no threat to us. Arrows cost money. Use up the Irish. The dead cost nothing
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