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A plead to save TBO
Hey guys!

Long time no see.

Today i got the chance to talk abit with an old guildmate that I rarely see any more, in Paul (Beastpriest). We are either not online at the same time, or we play on different servers, or we have breaks when the other is active etc.

We talked about the guild, and what's happened, and what shouldv'e happened etc. But we agreed on a very important thing, and thats that we cant go on like this if we actually want to have a guild. Not just a bunch of people that know each other spread on a bunch of servers, but a guild, as we once were.

When the move to Outlands was made, it was made with good solid arguments. The biggest one was of course that DS is a dead server and empty on people. We cant find new recruits, there is no activity on the server. With a move to outlands we could recruit, we could join various raids and events, and just enjoy a active server.

Most of our members jumped over and tried it, some liked it and some didnt. eventually we ended up with a split between the guys who wanna stay on DS and hope for change, and the once who wanted to stay on outland and enjoy the activity.

Problem is, that neither side could function without the other as it once was. As a working guild. activity on the DS side died out, and the same happened on outlands eventually. And with both sides down for the 8 count, many of our members decided to look for other options.

So the result is that we still have atleast 15 guys playing wow, but on various servers all across europe. And these guys would play with TBO in a second if the guild was united.

I mean, I even see my old pal Org playing in the Demi gods...just to not have to play alone. i see the danes cross europe, the turks on argent dawn, Oddone on some medium server etc. etc.

It doesnt have to be this way!

The old TBO mantra in this case would be "If they dont wanna play with us, then **** em basically. They wiill decide where they play anyways"

And that is an old outdated view that I myself was a big part of through the years. If you didn't wanna be here, then dont be here. We dont owe you anything.

Problem is we do. Its our members. And they wanna play with us, their friends. But if we cant give them anything fun to do, then someone else will. Relationships 101. its always a two way street.

So look where we are at now. 3 tops online on DS. usually me, Danny and Oblie. Or no one for that matter. On outlands we have 4 maybe 5 tops. and we have for a fact atleast 10 core TBO:ers playing on various servers all around EU.

So what im asking for is as follows. Its not for me personally. i dont know how active i will be. Im becoming a father in just a few months. But its for the guild that ive been with for 7 years. Thats the second longest relationship ive had with anyone.

We need to play on one server again. And be one guild, if we want to survive.

And according to me, the server we should be on is DS. Not cause i choose to play there, but for the reason that everyone has atleast one char there to play. And where the name TBO stands as the oldest guild on the server.

Cause all the reasons why moved to outlands in the first place, has been fixed.
- DS is not dead anymore. its now a medium sized server thats connected to 4 other servers. So there are people to recruit and play with.
- Neither DS or Outlands TBO have successfully recruited. Its basically the same peeps that went there or stayed on ds.
- Everyone probably still have a char left on the DS side
- No ques
- Being able to play with people and still not drowning in them

Now look, im not saying it couldnt be done on outlands, and that outlands wouldnt be a viable choice as a home server. DS would just fit TBO better then Outlands. On DS we are someone, on outlands, we are a dime a dozen.

I want nothing else then us to unite, cause that's how this guild can once again prosper. as a team.

And this is from the guy who backed the split the hardest. It didnt work. not for DS, not for Outlands, but most importantly, not for TBO.

When warlords of Draenor hits the stores, lets be playing together, on one server, as a team again.

Thanks for your time.

Edited by Gangsta on 03-01-2014 20:49

Hit them little niggas with a freeze-pop, represent

Another Famous quote by Org when he's healing - "Its not my fault the tank dies. its his own fault. He got hit to much"
I know I haven't been online much over the last couple of years and I have no idea how active I will be in the future however, I agree with everything said above.

I have 1 character on Outland and all the others on DS. Neither server has many if any people online very often but I am seriously considering moving my priest back to DS just so I have everything back in TBO on the same server.

Outland quite often still has queues, when I want to play, I want to log in and play, not wait 25 minutes in a queue and then play. I hate queuing!

TBO has in the past and always will be, a place for friends to relax and have a good time. That isn't the case while we're all split over various servers Sad

I look forward to having everyone back in one place again. Perhaps even a new Kara needs to be found for Friday night drinking sessions Smile
I would love to come back to TBO again <3
Hello sweeties
I dont play that much even if I still paying for the game. I would think that more ppl would like to play togheter as we did before and ta have all on one server is a key for this to happen.
As a few stated above I dont know how much I will be playing as I will have a baby in April but then again I will not be working for atleast a year so who knows Smile

Hope we can gather the memebers on one server and even if I just will be online some days I could cath you on skype or ts
The main reason why I left the server in the first place was due to the broken auction house. It made it impossible to keep up with the endless demand of gems, enchants and mats for different professions, and it made it much more difficult for people to be 'attuned' because you would usually have to gather the mats through farming.

But the auction house is fixed now from what I heard and the activity is good. I don't play much nowadays since I'm in the army, but I support the idea of re-uniting the guild. I like to pop in and talk to guildies every now and then, and seeing a lot of people online in the guild always makes me smile.

My 2 lvl 90's on Daggerspine aren't in TBO atm, but I'd like to re-join with them. Grin Would be awesome to witness some guild events again!
one of the main reason im in the demi gods is because i like to play with other people that's why i joined TBO in the first place you guys was one big family great bunch of people always having fun but after the spilt it all went to shi.t but i kind of new this would happen as people grow old dont wanna play or just dont have the time ..
but if we do start again il try my damn best to be ready with mats and tats at the really so we can kick butt again

i miss spending nights with you guys on TS and just guild wiping as big dan stands in fire Pfft .... but i do hope we can come back together soon
1. chesney

slang name for a guy with a huge wang.
"woow your chesney is massive"
Couldn't agree more Mikey Smile. At the time I think the splitting of servers was a good move for the guild...but it hasn't worked out. When I was still playing I was the only one on DS 99% of the time and it was lonely...probably a factor into why I left, so uniting the guild onto one server would be great to see, and would be a good reason to come back Smile lets face it, the best thing about WoW is the people...and the phat lewts Wink. DS is the best place for's home! I'll be back for the new expansion, and it'd be awesome if we were all back in one place for it Smile.
Drakess 85 Hunter :: Drakeals 85 Priest :: Drakeon 70 Rogue :: Drakawarf 80 Paladin :: Dramage 51 Mage :: Drakexy 19 Hunter Twink
Interesting Smile
It would be good to see the guild playing together again, ofc. Changing servers was never intended to split the guild, but to move the majority of the active players onto a new, high population server so we could continue to play together as a guild, as the game gradually declined, and we lost players who we couldnt replace. It never worked out that way, as we all know, with silly login queues at the new expansion, and a fair amount of the guild population changing their mind about the move, and either moving back to DS, or finding new servers.

As far as Daggerspine goes, I logged in to have a look after reading these posts, and the AH is still half empty and tbh, not great, and server still doesnt seem that busy, specially not with DS ppl, altho I guess the mix of other server ppl make up the shortfall? (dont really get the whole joined servers.... guess people still keep their own server tag? Seems a kind of disjointed way of mixing people together). Also I imagine that being the oldest guild on Daggerspine will only impress Daggerspine people, not people from the other 3 servers youre joined with? Smile

And Outlands, I think youre a bit under with your estimate of 4-5 people tops logging, we have regularly had 10-12 people logging, which with a guild that hasnt looked to raid or do much stuff together in a long time, isnt a bad state of activity tbh. However, Outland does still suffer from login queues, which have been worse than usual this last couple of weeks, so thats still an issue to live with.

Personally, I plan to keep playing Outland, with the people who Ive been playing with on Outland since we moved there. I like the server, and the people, and I still believe long term its a good place to be. It has a great economy and AH, and really high pop so its easy to get stuff done like world bosses, with no effort at all, or fill raid groups. However, if other people return to play on DS, I'd love to play and raid a bit with you guys, either crossrealm, or with one of my Daggerspine toons, and theres no reason why we cant do stuff together as a guild anyway, across the 2 servers now, with the whole flex raiding, and crossrealm PvP etc.

Anyway, whichever way it works out, I hope people get what theyre looking for, and get to play the game the way they want, with the people they want.

Rich (Alchy)
Drayke signing in!
i'd love to join TBO once more, and raid with u... i havent played Outlands so much nor DS, but on Hellscream atm in a raiding guild. but if TBO gets going Again, i'll join once more ofc, on any toon... screw the cost (imo)
Thanks for all the responses guys.

And as a "re-Tweet" to Rich, I can answer some of your query's Smile

- No, not to many DS players around. Found a couple yesterday that was even old guildes like Zaymaister, who had heard about this idea. But again, does it really matter to much what server tag a person has if is in on your realm? But yeah, most players are from chromaggus, Tainvarr and Boulderfist

- Compared to outlands the AH will always be half empty Smile

- If there are 10-12 people on outlands, thats great. But then I need to ask, why aint we raiding? Pfft

- Raiding wise, we cant do normal raids crossrelam, Flex raiding (and ive tried this) is basically LFR with more dmg. Is this what we're striving for?

- This wont work with you not onboard mate Smile Cause lets face it, certain people in the guild will have players around them. Not an entourage but close enough. You are the GM of this guild. Ko has a placeholder GM title on DS. Without you onboard it wont work mate. And after talking with our guys and gals playing across europe, they wanna come back to us, but that is if there is a Us to comeback to.

So I would humbly ask you to think about this a little more Rich Smile Cause in the end, I/We cant do it without you, man.

It can be what it once was.

Im open to haveing Outlands as the homebase, even with the ques if thats whats decided. But I lets get on the same side of the bed here first Smile


Hit them little niggas with a freeze-pop, represent

Another Famous quote by Org when he's healing - "Its not my fault the tank dies. its his own fault. He got hit to much"
OK, I genuinely think we need to compromise here, to stand any chance of getting the guild active and playing together regularly again.
The problem as I see it, is, if we pick a server for TBO, whichever server it is, will have problems of its own, be it low pop/dodgy AH, or queues to login etc. Also, whichever server we pick, will lose people from TBO, who didnt wanna be on that particular server, or who didnt wanna migrate again. Which isnt ideal.
I cant see a perfect solution to this, but imo encouraging people to play, and building up both sides of TBO, Daggerspine, and Outlands, and then playing together whenever we can, starting out with flex raiding, which ok is similar in mechanics to LFR but is great in that any number of ppl over 10 can join, so no need to roll for spots etc which was always our main problem, and we can still do all but the latest raids as 10 mans too, which will be good fun, and good for gearing for a lot of the guild too, on top of that.
Also, apparently in Warlords of Draenor, crossrealm flex will be available for all but heroic mode raiding. So that wont be too much of an issue.
As long as the 2 realms remember we're all the same guild, and theres no factioning or 'our guild is better than your guild' mentality going on, this could be a perfectly ok solution, and the least damaging for the guild as a whole, and even tho we will miss all being in one guildchat, theres ways around that too, if we really need, with stuff like IRC(if it still exists) where we could just make a guild channel, and TS for those who wanna chat voice style.

As far as GM of the guild goes, I dont have the time or the energy I used to, to put into guildleading; Real life is keeping my brain and the rest of me occupied quite a bit of the time. I also assume that you, Mike and Elinor will be having your own things to concentrate on, when baby is born Smile. However, the game isnt as complicated as it once was, and by having easy going, low maintenance guilds either side, with members who understand the game to a degree, working together to raid whenever we can/want to, it could probably be fun and relaxing all round game for everyone, with no set leader for the guild, but a GM on either side, dealing with the administration of their own server guild.

What I'm looking for here, is a solution to not lose anyone from the guild, this time. Thoughts?

Rich (Alchy)
Im all for it.

But it should be a guild call. If the guild is fine with being on two servers but working as a collective team then by all means.

We will need some outside application as you mentioned. an IRC channel is not a bad idea. Cause we would need a place for all to chat and also some kind of good medium as a shared raid and event calender. (yeah the obvious choice should be the forums, but even when we had 50 guys online we didnt managed to get them to read here) Smile

But i will oppose one thing, and thats the leniency on guildleadership. Sure, a GM's job is not what it once was anymore, but I still belive there needs to be a somewhat cohesive group that leads and handle guild business, from recruiting, raidleading and all that. this will be tricky imo with one guild on two servers.

And yeah, im old school with GM thing. A guild is only as active as its GM. A GM on DS should be found if thats the case, and maybe you wanna pass it forward to someone you trust on OT eventually.

And yeah, no more bs about what side is this and that. for this to work we are one.


Hit them little niggas with a freeze-pop, represent

Another Famous quote by Org when he's healing - "Its not my fault the tank dies. its his own fault. He got hit to much"
I stopped reading when Org called me old ;(

Lewsterin Kinslayer
Proud member of The Blade Order.

-Gunslingers! To me!
-We will be tested this day fellas! Prove or Die!
once a junkie Lewster, allways a junkie... so get back on crack old man!
Man, who let that ol' basterd comrade Lev back here?

He's so old that leaves a trail of dust behind him!

*Gets dustbuster*
*wipes screen*

Hit them little niggas with a freeze-pop, represent

Another Famous quote by Org when he's healing - "Its not my fault the tank dies. its his own fault. He got hit to much"
I didnt remove my druid from DS for a reason =) Tho, I have lots of alts and chars/ heirlooms on Outland atm.
I do lfr and working on legendary quest atm on DS, aaand I have trouble gemming my drood because the AH lack gems, and the server lack people with proffessions. Have shouted several times in /2 tradechat after JCs but no response.

Main goal: I would love to get to a reunited TBO. Mist of pandaria have so far been a damn great expansion! The only thing I miss from it, (and this is a big thing) is TBO progress raiding old style with TS, Pots and everything
Well I had to check in after all of Gangs propaganda Smile

I honestly like the idea of the guild getting back together, i can't promise that I will be playing the new expansion, just got a job - in Sweden of all places.

But it is not impossible that i swing by - if Elder Scrolls is ****e Smile

Many thoughts goes out to all of ya from this old man.

Stay Classy TBO

Lewsterin Kinslayer
Proud member of The Blade Order.

-Gunslingers! To me!
-We will be tested this day fellas! Prove or Die!
well if i get unbanned i will stay at ds Pfft
Okey, lets continue here so we dont lose momentum Wink

The rumors are spreading and the interest is building, thats a good thing.

Breador was the last guy to ask me yesterday about this. So the news is out there. Lets capitalize on it.

IRC channel for 2 way guild communication cross servers - Rich is looking into it. Maybe we can get an easy chan on quakenet or whatever. Not sure if there is an addon to actually be able to see it ingame, but if you play window mode, its gonna be fine Wink

Guild leadership - Im willing to listen to options here. Maybe the GM aint important anymore.
My suggestion is that we have 3 council members on DS and 3 council members on OT. On the DS side im willing to listen to anyone who wants to step up, as long as you think (or know) that you will be atleast semi-active the coming year.

Would that work for OT side aswell?

Lets do a real overhaul here, so we can present a fresh new start for our members Smile

Edited by Gangsta on 13-01-2014 13:39

Hit them little niggas with a freeze-pop, represent

Another Famous quote by Org when he's healing - "Its not my fault the tank dies. its his own fault. He got hit to much"
Currently on UK Quakenet on IRC, in channel #thebladeorder. Not sure if IRC is best chat channel option these days, but back when I was a serious gamer, it was the place to be. Lets see how it goes Smile
Edited by Alchy on 13-01-2014 17:46
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