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The Blade Order » Applications to The Blade Order » Applications
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Silverwing - Rogue - 85
- Your Name: Kristian Lønning
- Age: 20
- Location: Bergen, Norway

All below questions are related to the character wishing to apply.
- Name: Silverwing
- Race: Night Elf
- Class: Rogue
- Level: 85
- Spec: Combat
- Prior Guilds: Soulbound
- Reason why you left your last guild: Little activity, works fine as a social guild, but nothing more.
- Do you have more lvl 85 chars, if so, what classes and on which server: No other 85's, though I have 2x 80 and a bunch of chars between 60-79.

- Gear: Armory url:
- Gear: Special notes: You might see my PvP kit, my PvE kit, or something in between.

- Trade Skills: Professions: Leatherworking (525) / Engineering (525)
- Trade Skills: Rare Crafts: Haven't learned any FL / DS crafts, yet.

- Riding skill (mount): 310 %.

- Experience with raids/instances pre Cataclysm: Pretty much everything from vanilla to ICC.
- Experience with Cataclysm raids: Haven't been through much of the Cata raiding content. Been occupied lately since studying > gaming.
- Experience in the game (Entertain us with a nice story): Well, one of my first experiences with raiding in WoW was when we did Zul'Gurub. I was standing in the middle of a road while I was looking through AtlasLoot. Then a Berserker Troll saw me and I kind of... wiped the raid. I've learned my lesson.

- Are you Applying for another guild while Applying for TBO? No.
- Have you used a Leveling service? No.
- Did you buy your account from Ebay? No.
- Have you grouped with any TBO members before? Yes.
- Usual Gaming time per day / week: Usually from 20:00 to 01:00, but I've got nothing that prevents me from playing more. Depends on how close I am to the finals, but atm those are far away.
- Can you use TeamSpeak? Yes.
- Do you share your account with another person? No. Only with my alcoholic self, but he doesn't know how to use an authenticator.

- Reason for wanting to join The Blade Order: I know a lot of people in TBO and I want to get more out of the game than just the social part of it.

- Have you read, understood and agree to our rules of membership? Yes.
Edited by Fortyseven on 20-12-2011 23:14
you have my vote m8^^

now just get your brother to apply as well and we'll be the full old SB gang doing random craziness again Grin
Long time no see bra, now get Hawkman back aswell Smile Good luck
" I, I don't know why... But for some apparent reason, I can't stand women with sexy bodies. On a side note, flat-chested girls like you have absolutely no effect on me."
/Laharl, Disgaea: Hour of Darkness
I couldn't figure out who the hell you were until I saw your forums name Pfft

I've got no problems with you, good luck on the application.


Joe wrote:
I couldn't figure out who the hell you were until I saw your forums name Pfft

Yeah, I had to change my rogue's name a few years ago because I left the server for a while. When I came back, my old name was taken, so I pushed the random-name-button. Pfft
Thanks for the application, officers will discuss and get back to you asap
A really really great guy which I've had contact with in Wow since Vanilla or so! Smile
Great to finally see you apply mate!
Best of luck! Grin

Cheers Grin

Any news from the officers? Luthar, you said I would hear from you very soon and that was like a week ago Pfft

By all means, take your time. Just wanted to check the status of the application. ^^
Sorry, application has been slow as usual with TBO (if you were a healer we'd probably have been quicker Pfft)
Anyway application accepted, speak to an officer ingame for invite.
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Started: 28/10/2018 12:48

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18-11-2021 16:32
Been working from home since march last year - but walk away from taht laptop at 4pm not to return til 7:30 next day! lol you?

08-11-2021 07:31
How are you doing guys? Working from home day and night, or quit your job? Kisses!

07-06-2021 20:22
still alive, TBC classic on the menu these days!

26-04-2020 19:50
Hi Guys! Not playing wow but still alive! How are you all? Kisses! Wink

27-01-2020 13:49
I played Classic until I was nearly level 60. It needs The Burning Crusade really for me though. I am lurking around Daggerspine again for a while, trying to get used to the changes lol

24-01-2020 09:29
Komodo (Antique) and Thebizzy are playing WoW classic these days. You're more than welcome to join us if you'd like. We're on the Bloodfang server =)

08-01-2020 18:26
Hey guys, Hope you are all well for 2020! Still think about our old raiding days and honestly miss it and you lot. xxx

08-09-2019 21:11
Hello! How is everyone? Are some of us still playing? Wow classic maybe? I miss the whole thing... kisses!

10-08-2019 14:34
there is a tbo discord server now

10-08-2019 13:33
doing a great job keeping the page alive ! so clasit where are we going ?

20-12-2018 22:25

29-09-2018 20:03
Merry Christmas, Tuffy!

28-12-2016 03:39
Merry christmas all Grin

11-09-2016 07:36
Hello Is it me youre looking for? I can see it in your eyes. I can see it in your smile.

08-08-2016 05:40
sup peeps

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