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The Blade Order » Applications to The Blade Order » Applications
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Trokko, Resto/Ele Shaman, lvlv 85
- Your Name: Silvio
- Age: 39
- Location: Växjö, Sweden

All below questions are related to the character wishing to apply.
- Name: Trokko
- Race: Blue squid from space (a,k.a. Draenei)
- Class: Shaman
- Level: 85
- Spec: Restoration/Elemental
- Prior Guilds: Soulbound
- Reason why you left your last guild: Lack of activity within the guild.
- Do you have more lvl 85 chars, if so, what classes and on which server: Lvl 85 DK (frost/blood), lvl 85 Warlock (Affli/Destro), lvl 85 Priest (Shadow/Holy), lvl 85 Druid (Balance/Restoration), lvl 85 Mage (Frost/Arcane), lvl 85 Hunter (BM/MM) and a lvl 85 Paladin (Prot/Holy). All are located on Daggerspine.

- Gear: Armory url:
- Gear: Special notes: Armory seems to be lagging at the moment. Got the VP head equipped. Some of the elemental reforges can seem a bit strange but they're doubling as resto gear as well.

- Trade Skills: Professions: Leatherworking (525) / Skinning (525)
- Trade Skills: Rare Crafts: Got some ilvl 378 recipes but nothing really useful.

- Riding skill (mount): 310

- Experience with raids/instances pre Cataclysm: All from MC up to ICC.
- Experience with Cataclysm raids: Some FL, all T11 content.
- Experience in the game (Entertain us with a nice story): I strongly remember one time a long time ago, I think it was in ZG, when Darkie fell asleep and snored into the microphone. Other than that, I kind of got kicked from a raid (pug with a bunch of SS people) a while back for not doing enough dps. All good, except that I was was healign. You'd think people from one of the realms best raiding guilds should learn how no spot a healer.

- Are you Applying for another guild while Applying for TBO? No
- Have you used a Leveling service? No
- Did you buy your account from Ebay? No
- Have you grouped with any TBO members before? More than I can remember.
- Usual Gaming time per day / week: From 20:00 (game time) to 01:00 (game time)
- Can you use TeamSpeak? Yes
- Do you share your account with another person? No

- Reason for wanting to join The Blade Order: TBO got a lot of old members from Soulbound. I do know a great bunch of the people since long.

- Have you read, understood and agree to our rules of membership? Of course.
good guy - always happy to group with him as he well knows Smile
hope we both get in hon x

Thanks for applying to TBO, officers will discuss, and get back to you asap
" I, I don't know why... But for some apparent reason, I can't stand women with sexy bodies. On a side note, flat-chested girls like you have absolutely no effect on me."
/Laharl, Disgaea: Hour of Darkness
I'm sorry to say mate that some of our ex Soulbound members have said they would prefer not to have you in the guild. I have to put the preference of our current guildmembers above that of applicants, so regrettably, application declined.
Yeah, I kind of figured as much when I noticed Luthar was an officer.
Thanks for your time though.
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Started: 28/10/2018 12:48

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18-11-2021 16:32
Been working from home since march last year - but walk away from taht laptop at 4pm not to return til 7:30 next day! lol you?

08-11-2021 07:31
How are you doing guys? Working from home day and night, or quit your job? Kisses!

07-06-2021 20:22
still alive, TBC classic on the menu these days!

26-04-2020 19:50
Hi Guys! Not playing wow but still alive! How are you all? Kisses! Wink

27-01-2020 13:49
I played Classic until I was nearly level 60. It needs The Burning Crusade really for me though. I am lurking around Daggerspine again for a while, trying to get used to the changes lol

24-01-2020 09:29
Komodo (Antique) and Thebizzy are playing WoW classic these days. You're more than welcome to join us if you'd like. We're on the Bloodfang server =)

08-01-2020 18:26
Hey guys, Hope you are all well for 2020! Still think about our old raiding days and honestly miss it and you lot. xxx

08-09-2019 21:11
Hello! How is everyone? Are some of us still playing? Wow classic maybe? I miss the whole thing... kisses!

10-08-2019 14:34
there is a tbo discord server now

10-08-2019 13:33
doing a great job keeping the page alive ! so clasit where are we going ?

20-12-2018 22:25

29-09-2018 20:03
Merry Christmas, Tuffy!

28-12-2016 03:39
Merry christmas all Grin

11-09-2016 07:36
Hello Is it me youre looking for? I can see it in your eyes. I can see it in your smile.

08-08-2016 05:40
sup peeps

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