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Dragon Soul Tactics & Tips
I probably won't be attending every raid of every week, so I'm writing down everything I've got on the first five bosses so everyone can have my insight into the fights.

Most or all of the videos on my other thread are from the PTR, as are most of the available written tactics. As things are slightly different on live, I'm writing this so that all raiders are able to prepare themselves with the correct mechanics.



Morchock is a two tank fight, with tanks switching on three stacks of debuff initially, but switching when it drops off from then on.

Morchock will cast a stomp ability which will damage everyone in 25 yards. The damage is split between all players that get hit, however the two closest people to him take twice as much of the damage. The best way to deal with this is to have everyone stack up for AoE healing behind the boss, and for melee to be standing on the edge of hit hitbox, while tanks stand under him.

There will be a crystal/orb that will spawn randomly in the vicinity of the boss, much like Baleroc's crystals. They will choose three random people (one could also be the offtank) and kill them after a set time. To avoid death, those three players must run to and stand ON the crystal/orb until it expires. The closer they are, the less damage they take.

After a while, Morchok will stun the entire raid, then cast Earth Crystals, which will pop up in a circle around him. After this, he will begin to cast his Black Blood spell. This is a huge pool of slime moving outwards from him quickly that deals around 5k damage per second, and increasing the damage by 100% for each tick. To avoid dying, the entire raid must hide behind the Earth Crystals he created before casting Black Blood. After the blood goes, the crystals will also disappear and Morchok will run at the tank to continue the fight.

Rinse and repeat until 20%. At 20% there is a soft enrage for +30% attack speed and +20% damage. Easily manageable.


Warlord Zon'ozz

'Zon'ozz' is the faceless ones' word for 'ping pong'.

Warlord Ping'pong requires one tank.

There are two phases.

Phase 1.
The ranged DPS and healers should all be grouped up for AoE healing throughout phase one. During the start of phase one, the boss should be tanked FACING the ranged and healers. After an amount of time, the boss will create his orb, noticeable by the beam coming from his forehead. Once this happens, the tank should turn Ping'pong 180degrees to face away from the ranged.

The orb will begin moving toward the ranged group after its spawn. Once this hits a player, it will ricochet off them and begin moving back toward the boss. In the mean time, the boss will be building two stacks of a debuff. The first increases his damage dealt. This debuff increases over time and will eventually kill the tank. The second increases his damage taken, which is built up from each time the orb hits a player. The first debuff is removed once the orb hits the boss. It is recommended to let the orb continue to bounce until the boss has ~7 stacks of increased damage, then let the orb hit him. If it would be too soon for the orb to hit the boss after the first bounce, then it is the melee group's job to send it back to the ranged.

The orb can move in odd directions, the boss should be kited into it if need be.

While this happens, the boss will use a frontal beam ability hitting for a lot of damage and healing for the amount of damage dealt. Only the tank should be hit by this. The boss will not cast this until his orb is out. It will require a lot of healing. Its damage increases with the boss' increased damage.

Phase two.
Once the orb hits Ping'pong, the stacks of increased damage disappears, and phase two begins. For this phase, Ping'pong will run to the middle of the room and cast a Black Blood ability. Unlike Morchok, there's no way to avoid it. There will also be tentacles around the room zapping people and whacking anyone still close. The best way through this phase is to have the entire raid stack on the boss and AoE heal.

During this phase, the boss will be casting his Black Blood ability, but he will finish casting before the end of the phase to resume attacking the tank. This is a good time to face the boss toward where the ranged will be returning to for Phase one.

Rinse and repeat. There is no soft enrage.


Yor'sahj the Unsleeping

This is a one tank, one phase fight.

Throughout the fight, the tank will get a stacking debuff reducing healing taken by 10% per stack. It cannot stack to 10, but I've personally experienced it go to 8.

The initial part of the fight is tank and spank with no special mechanics past the stacking debuff. All of the raid should be grouped up on the boss so they're in the middle of the room. This is useful because it means they're as close as they can be to ALL the possible globule spawn locations, while the boss is the furthest.

After an amount of time, the boss will spawn his globules from one of the nodes around the edges of the circle room. He will spawn three at a time, and they will each be of a different colour. The globules will not attack players, instead they will make their way toward the boss. Once they reach the boss they will give him an ability depending on the colour of globule.

While all three live, everyone should attack and kill one of them (including the tank and healers, no healing or tanking is required during this part as the boss will stand still. The debuff on the tank will also fade away here). Once one dies, the other two globules become immune to damage. Return to get some free damage on the boss.

Here are all the globules and their abilities in order of kill priority:

Purple / Shadow - This is arguably the deadliest, and on almost all cases should be chosen to kill. This will give the boss the ability to debuff random players causing every fifth heal to make them explode for ~50k damage to the entire raid.

Green / Acidic - This is the priority if purple didn't spawn, however if you would prefer to kill green over purple, it's your call. If both green and red spawn together, then green has priority over purple. The green globule will give the boss the ability to rain acid down on players, dealing a lot of damage and also hitting nearby targets. If this globule is kept alive, then the raid should spread out.

Yellow / Glowing - This globule buffs the boss to +~50% attack speed.

Red / Crimson - This globule will give the boss the ability to zap players with a 'chain-lightning' ability. The damage from the beam increases the further you are from the boss. If you don't have the green globule up, then everyone should hug the boss.

Killing blue and black is down to preference, there is no priority.

Blue / Cobalt - Killing this globule will give the boss the Mana Void ability. Once he created the Mana Void, (visible as a glowing blue orb that descends from the ceiling) it will begin draining the mana of everyone in the raid. To prevent healers being unable to heal the tank due to being oom, ALL DPS should ignore everything their doing and dps the void down. Once it's dead, all mana users have their mana returned.

Black / Dark - This globule gives the boss the ability to spawn adds. The adds are untankable as they have a fixate ability, but the damage isn't serious. Grouping up and AoEing them down is the best way to deal with them.

After his new buffs wear off, the boss returns to the beginning of the fight, and will eventually spawn more globules. Rinse and repeat. There is no soft enrage.


Hagara the Stormbinder

This is a one tank fight with three phases.

Phase 1.
For the first phase, the boss will attack the tank. She will randomly channel an ability called Focused Assault. This will kill the tank if (s)he takes the duration of the cast. To avoid dying, the tank must run away from the boss. Once the tank is our of her melee range, she will stop her cast and continue auto-attack.

She will use an ability called Shattered Ice on a random target (it could even be the tank), which will deal ~60k damage and slow their movement and attack speed. There is no way to deal with this other than to heal it.

Three small blue orbs will appear around the room and target a player with a beam. The orbs will then fire Ice Lance along this beam toward the player. However, it will not hit the player if another person stands in the way. This usually isn't a problem, but make sure you're not being hit by more than one beam. The tank can be chosen.

The boss will eventually choose two random people from the raid to encase in an ice block. Much like the Syndragosa fight, there will be two small blue arrows above the heads of these two players. Unlike the Syndragosa fight however, they will not freeze anyone stood near them. They will take damage while inside the ice block, so they must be freed quickly. It is best for these two players to run to each other, so melee can move to the second target more quickly.

Phase 2/3.
The following phase will be one of two possible phases. We have experienced the lightning phase to be first everytime, so I'll explain that one first.

Lightning phase.
During this phase, Hagara will become undamageable. One add will spawn which will be picked up by the tank and pulled to one of the four totems standing in the room. The DPS should then kill the add, which will activate that totem. Once activated, it will electrocute anyone nearby for moderate damage. Players must chain the lightning from one totem to the next using their bodies. We found it best to do the conga clockwise around the room to each totem.

Once all four totems have been activated, the boss will become stunned for 10 seconds and take double damage. Hit her hard.

Frost phase.
During this phase, ALL players should run out from the boss toward a predecided point TOGETHER. Once they are on the outer ring of the platform, they should immediately begin attacking one of the four ice nodes. After a few seconds into this phase, the boss will send out walls of spiky ice that will go to the edge of the room. This must be avoided as it kills you instantly. She will only do this once, but they persist for the duration of the phase, and move around the platform faster than normal running speed. The group must run clockwise around the platform destroying the ice nodes before the wall of spiky ice catches up to them. While running around, there will also be some very visible drops of ice that will knock back anyone caught under it (this could knock you into the approaching spiky ice wall and killed you). There is a very visible graphic to show where not to stand, and NO ONE should get hit by this. As a word of advice, stand behind where the spiky ice wall will begin, as close as you can (but not too close) so that you can follow behind it with the maximum amount of time before the wall behind you catches up.

Once all four ice nodes are dead, the boss will become stunned for 10 seconds and take double damage. Hit her hard.

Rinse and repeat, the second phase will be random as before, but they seem to alternate. Be ready for anything. There is no soft enrage.



This fight is a two tank fight with one phase.

The boss' damage will increase as time goes on, making it more and more difficult for healing. There is also a six minute enrage timer. To kill him before the enrage timer, it is recommended to have only two healers, two tanks and six DPS in 10man.

All players will gain a new ability called 'Heroic Will'. This ability removes you from the twilight realm (which you are in for the duration of the fight) for five seconds. It has a five second cooldown. It's recommended to keybind this, and doing so can be done in blizzard's keybinding page (Extra Action Button 1).

Several seconds into the fight, Thrall will buff the tanks' defensive cooldowns to last twice as long and have half the cooldown.

The entire raid should group up and stand on the tank, a moderate distance from the edge of the 'balcony'. For the first 40 seconds of the fight, there are no special mechanics beside slight AoE that the healers will deal with. After this first 40 seconds, the boss will begin a five second cast spell called Hour of Twilight. This spell will deal 300,000 damage to everyone in the raid. To avoid being killed, everyone beside one tank should use Heroic Will to leave the twilight. It is advisable to wait until halfway through the cast before using it, so you don't come back as the spell hits. The one tank remaining will use their biggest defensive cooldown to survive the hit.

After Hour of Twilight, the second tank should immediately taunt after returning to the twilight realm. This is for two reasons. Firstly, the first tank just took a truck load of damage. Secondly, the boss will cast a spell called 'Fading Light'. This ability will target the active tank and one random raid member other than the inactive tank. This ability deals no damage, but will instantly kill you as soon as it wears off. To avoid dying, the player must use Heroic Will as close to the end of the debuff timer as possible. As soon as the debuff wears off, you will be returned to the twilight realm. As the boss can only be damaged while inside the twilight realm, it is best to wait as long as possible before using Heroic Will on this ability so you have more time to DPS the boss.

The tank with Fading Light must also leave the twilight realm. The other tank must taunt IMMEDIATELY, as using Heroic Will wipes your threat. If the other tank doesn't taunt, then the DPS may get aggro. You cannot afford to have a DPS die due to the short enrage timer. The Fading Light debuff can last as long as 10 seconds, and as short as 5 seconds. Keep your eyes open, and don't use Heroic Will too early.

Everything above happens for the entire duration of the fight.

After a short amount of time, Alexstrasza will aid the group by throwing over a red crystal, Ysera will throw over a green crystal, and Kalecgos will throw over a blue crystal. These crystals are for the healers to pick up, to assist in their healing. The crystals come in this order, and are spaced throughout the fight.

Red - +100% healing

Green - All heals cast become AoE heals, but for a smaller amount (the AoE is ~50% of the initial cast)

Blue - +100% haste, 75% reduced mana cost on spells

It is down to the raid to decide which healer will benefit most from which crystal, but note that once you take one crystal, it disappears, and if you take another crystal, you lose the buff from the first.

After the blue crystal, Nozdormu will cast a spell on the entire raid. The spell is similar to most cheat-death abilities. It is a passive buff that will prevent a player from dying once, and fill their HP to full instead.

The boss' damage is greater the closer he is to death, so he is at his most deadliest at 1% hp. The AoE will begin to become more and more of a problem for the healers as the fight nears its end.

If I've missed anything, don't hesitate to say so. I'm pretty sure it's all there though. Happy raiding.
Hey joe,I may of said on TS when you were online last night but I'm not gonna be about prolly now till monday.Off to birmingham to spend some time with my newly born nephew.

So cya when I get back.
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