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How to get the bear mount from ZA?
I found this on

This is how the ZA timed chests work to my knowledge. There are four in total in which you have a 45 minutes to kill all 4 avatars. You initially have 20 minutes to free the first prisoner. After your first avatar kill, you should receive 15 more minutes. After your second avatar kill, you should receive 10 more minutes. After that, no other avatars award you any more time. The quickest route around the avatars is in a counter-clockwise fashion starting with Akil'zon, Nalorakk, Jan'alai, then Halazzi.

Timed chest 1 will always drop armor
Cord of Braided Troll Hair
Dory's Embrace
Life-step Belt
Mantle of Ill Intent
Pauldrons of Stone Resolve
Shadowhunter's Treads

Timed chest 2 will always drop a weapon
Amani Divining Staff
Staff of Dark Mending

Timed chest 3 will always drop a ring
Mana Attuned Band
Signet of Eternal Life
Signet of the Last Defender
Signet of Primal Wrath
Signet of the Quiet Forest

Timed chest 4 will always drop a mount... in this case...
Amani War Bear

So this means you have to kill all 4 avatars in the time you get and he is always (100% drop) in the last chest.
So this will be a lot of practice if we want this mount Wink

What is SeX? SeX Is When A Boy Put His Location In A Girls Destination To Increase The Population Of The NeXt Generation. Do You Get My EXplanation? Or Do You Need a Demonstration?

There are 10 kinds of people. The 1's that understand binary and the 1's that dont.

Hi Angel,

The yesterday ZA raid proved that we are able to make it quick. After it's a question of tactics, and some luck.

I think that the experience of 2 mind controls by 2 shadow priests was a succesful one (helps the tanking, their dps and aggro is awsome, and they get their health down during the fight, one can even throw some healing), plus the priest gets out with full mana to kill the lasts targets (and it's reeeally funny, but that's only my opinion!). I guess a 2 pigs mage's show could do just fine too.

Breador healing the other tank while not tanking was a brilliant trick as well.

We even got a 4th try on bear boss, because we are very nice people, the Gods of Zul Aman already have a wickness for TBO Wink

Then is the "Golgotha assension", waterfall of mobs, you need insane aoe damage.

From what I understood, ZA is an instance where you need to be quick, quite organized, and very focused. Fast and awsome dps is really important, to help tanks and healers make their job.

Unlike Karazhan, a run to ZA is quick, and we can make some honorable tries in 2h, which will make everybody happy I guess, and as said Angel, we all need practice. But we can do it!!

Awsome job guys!! Thank you for joining, and let's make it again!



NB: you can mind control the frogs in the lake, but be really careful on aggro, those hurt badly Breador yesterday with their big teeth.

You actually killed the third boss? Gratz guys, that is impressive!


Darkwon wrote:
You actually killed the third boss? Gratz guys, that is impressive!

No we did not, only the first.
But the point is that we doing it faster every time.
Edited by heijaangel on 12-12-2007 08:53

What is SeX? SeX Is When A Boy Put His Location In A Girls Destination To Increase The Population Of The NeXt Generation. Do You Get My EXplanation? Or Do You Need a Demonstration?

There are 10 kinds of people. The 1's that understand binary and the 1's that dont.
It point is, we need people geared in full karazhan gear otherwise we won't have any progress in this instance. The first boss is relative easy and worth killing him, but other bosses require a bit more from karazhan.

I suggest farm karazhan as much as possible now.

Lol Ralp!

What a spammer you are! Pfft

I think from your 557 posts (the number is raising anytime) 450 must have been to tell us that we need a better gear, and to do more instances.

Thank you very much for your concern, I think that now all of us got your point!! Wink

So far we have two kara groups per week...

Progress to clear up ZA was not really the meaning of this thread, but more: what is ZA? how we can do it and what this instance can give us as loot but as well playtime pleasure.

I just have no wish at all to start again a topic on progress and gear requirements for raid!!

As far as I'm concern, I will not make any colour discrimination (purple or blue) if I'm the one inviting (the good humour of the person is a smarter choice in my opinion).

And, to be honest, the question is more now how to keep on raiding than how to aim to the top. It's already hard to gather 10 players with the right class, so let's not be picky and let's try not to make our guildies feel bad telling them no for such and such reason.

Those are my conditions!



I do think tbh that yesterday's karazhan run was quite okey. We had some experienced and some less experience people in the raid. This is good for the spirit and the loot progress. I do hope that I can continue to help this way.

Greetings Ralpbix
The other thing worth mentioning about ZA that is there is no room for error if you wanna get the double epics per boss, so experience is massively important as one wipe takes up too much time and makes downing bosses too slow. It is pretty labour intensive for its meagre drops, of both badges and epics, unless your full tier 4/5 and can blast through it, in which case the drops aren't probably what you need.
Personally i enjoy going , cos its a new place, and its a challenge working out how to do the job, but as much as i hate saying people need to gear up etc, i think i have to agree with Ralp and say it is impossibility if you have a poorly equipped group expecting to down ZA bosses at all, regardless of the timer.
We wiped on the first boss otherwise we would have made it on time. But this way you gain a lot of experience with fighting the bosses in ZA. Besides the loot in ZA is mostly an upgrade of you t4 items we have gained by doing KZ.
Mornings Smile
I will see what I can do about my TS problem, when that is fixed, I will do all I can to help gear up people in KZ and I will come to ZA and where ever you want me to go, But without TS I will be more of a handicap than help.
But I am very raid horny. So if you ever need a Tank I will most likly be ready for some beating.

And we think we have figuered out what to do with TS Smile
"The Paramount Path of the Pale Proselyte Pegan is a Protracted Pursuit of Purification"-The Big M-
I believe and i could be wrong but i think i have read somewhere that there is a chance if you take down Nalorakk within the 20 minutes there is like a 1% chance that the bear mount will be in the second chest opened by the prisoner, its kinda the same drop rate as the huntsmans mount in Kara, but as previously stated the 4 chest timed event will get you a bear mount in the 4th chest all of the time.

Gear lvl for ZA is something like

Normal - Kara gear

Timed Event

2 chests - Kara Gruul/Mag Gear

3 Chests - SSC/TK T5 gear

4 chests - Hyjal/BT/t6 gear

THis topic is quite old but just incase its helpful to anyone Smile
Nha its not depending on gear (ofc is makes it easyer). To get the 4th time chest ya just need a lot of practice and skill.

What is SeX? SeX Is When A Boy Put His Location In A Girls Destination To Increase The Population Of The NeXt Generation. Do You Get My EXplanation? Or Do You Need a Demonstration?

There are 10 kinds of people. The 1's that understand binary and the 1's that dont.
We made it to the third timer almost. And it is worth it trying as it gives a lot of trill during the instance. Also you will be able to clear the instance pretty fast when you done the first four bosses on timer.
Well there is somewhat of a gear requirement, you have exactly 45 minutes to kill the 4 bosses to achieve the 4th chest

You start with a 20 minute timer, Nalorakk adds 15 minutes to your timer, Akil'zon adds 10 minutes to the timer the remaining bosses add no extra time so if you hug walls skipping mobs and go as quick as you can and make it to the 4th you would have about 3-5 minutes to down Halazzi depending on the order your doing the bosses thats going to take some impressive dps

The timed event is set to challenge all guilds of all raiding lvls just how many chests your going to get will somewhat depend on the gear of the 10 man team

but then this is a game so who says what can and cannot be achieved, its all about focus and determination which you certainly seem to have... i LOVE IT Smile
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